Extend the life of your Notebook!

Lets face it our Notebooks are Fragile and we put them through the ringer, from taking them on business trips to the 10 year old banging on them! But with these easy to follow tips you can help extend the life of your Notebook.

Avoid “bumps” and sharp movements. With Solid State Drives still not the norm in new Notebooks chances are that you have a mechanical drive. Unlike a Solid State Drive, a Mechanical drive has a platter and a spindle; think of your drive as a record player, The spindle moves around the platter to read the data. It only takes one “bump” for the spindle to gouge the platter and the data in that section could be corrupted. When transporting your Notebook make sure it is powered down to prevent damage.

Food and Drink. We all do it, but lets be careful when having a little snack with our Notebooks, It take very little liquid to cause shorts and damage. Food and crumbs can get stuck under the keyboard and make keys stick, not to mention the trackpad. Also gunk on the screen while not damaging to your Notebook can be an eyesore.

Your notebook can be HOT! Once in a while take a can of static free compressed air and clean the vents on your Notebook. To do this make sure the Notebook is powered off and the power is disconnected, Eject the battery if you can. with a can of static free air lightly blow out the ports where the fan is. Typically this is on the underside of your notebook to one side. To avoid heating up the laptop try and use it on a flat surface (not your bed) so the fan has a chance to cool the system down.

Padded Cases, When you need to transport you Notebook do it with style and care. A padded Notebook case will help protect your notebook from “bumps” (see first tip) While a padded case can be great, be sure not to overload your case with extras like Phone Chargers, Notepads, Pens, and more that will rendered the padding useless.

Where are those Cords? Lets face it, the worst thing about your notebook is the cords. Be respectful of that charging cable, if you yank on it over time you will loosen the charging port in your notebook casing charging \ power issues. Also USB ports the same thing here, make sure you are not bending them causing stress on the internal USB port that may cause a short in the future. Oh and when charging your Notebook — lets put it in a safe place … nothing like walking in the dark and tripping over that cord taking you and the Notebook out!

Your Data! Your Notebook is not indestructible…Make sure you have a backup. Either backup with a external dive on a schedule (be sure to check your backup and keep the schedule!) or signup for a offsite backup. Stinn Tech Recommends Carbonite for offsite backup needs! This will make repairing or transferring your data in the future less painful for you and the person doing it!

Need help with a Notebook? Want to setup a Backup? Happy to Help just give us a call!

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