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So its been 2 years since the last design change of and well here is our new looking home! (Also someone had blatantly copied our previous design and called it theirs *shame on you*)
We are going forward looking at supporting even more clients and Small Businesses in High River and the surrounding area.

With our Managed Services really being a hit with both business and residential clients we would like to expand this information to our site so potential clients can find our information with ease!

More Future plans are for Vlogs and possible a more weekly announcement on the site to try and keep the content fresh as possible.

Also now partnering with CCI wireless we offer an alternative Rural Internet that is unlimited! stop in or give us a call for more information on this.

Last, with some new businesses that we support we would like to take a minute to say thank you to some people for the help along the way!

Family and Friends (yes you!) with out your support and constant pushing Stinn Tech would never be at the point where it is today!

AJ – Thanks for putting up with my constant over seeing of your every move and never complaining about it!

My Businesses! – From Rob at Picassos to Jody at High River Mechanical – all you people are fantastic to work with and I hope to provide more options with the same level of service and support in the future!

I am almost certain I could list a few dozen more! For all you people who make Stinn Tech what is is THANK YOU!


We will be working on the site to add more content and fix missing and broken links!

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New Design So its been 2 years since the last design change of and well here is our new looking home! (Also someone had blatantly copied our previous
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